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The Palace Group VIP

Devotion deserves recognition and we enjoy rewarding our VIP members for loyalty to The Palace Group. Qualify as one of our VIP players and reap the benefits of our exceptional services and promotions.

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Platinum Loyalty tier

Becoming a VIP also benefits your Loyalty Club Account. Your Loyalty Club status will be instantly elevated to the Platinum Loyalty Tier for one month on achieving VIP status.

Boost your Loyalty balance within this month and you will remain on our Platinum Tier, allowing you to earn 40% EXTRA Loyalty points.

VIP Tournaments

Our VIP players craved more tournaments; they demanded unique themes and irresistible jackpots and we complied.

If you enjoy competitive play with greater stakes then The Palace Group's tournaments are for you.

Faster Withdrawals

As a VIP player, your payments will be prioritised with quicker processing times. Together with fast, secure and reliable banking services, you can trust that your payments and withdrawals are in good hands.

Exclusive Events

We indulge our valued VIP players in exciting events designed exclusively for them. Players can expect an experience of the utmost luxury whether it is an opulent city break at a stylish 5 star hotel or an exotic 5 Star getaway, your every need is considered.

VIP Promotions

Your exclusive VIP treatment also includes not only direct access to both the Casino Manager and the VIP Host Team, but also information on our exclusive VIP weekly promotions which are tailored for specific individuals.

You will be assigned your very own account manager who can talk you through these options where extensions on our generous and varied rewards can be arranged. Increased card limits for credit/debit cards can also be granted and the improvement of your loyalty tier status can be used to boost your play.