• Mediterranean Victory Voyage


    Did you know you could win a ticket to join our Mediterranean Victory Voyage? Simply play any of our superb casino games and you’ll be eligible to win a ticket to travel in style on Royal Caribbean’s remarkable ship, the Navigator of the Seas.

    The cruise sets sail on the 23rd of June, 2013. What's more The Navigator of the Seas is an incredible ship that boasts a number of entertainment activities. Climb aboard and you’ll find a spa, fitness centre, beauty salon, three swimming pools, six whirlpools, a nine-hole miniature golf course, an ice-skating rink and so much more. Don’t miss your chance to navigate the seas in five star luxury on Royal Caribbean’s most lavish ocean liner.

    Get gaming at The Palace Group today to be one of our top players and to earn your passport to paradise. Anyone can win, so don’t miss your chance to set sail for Mediterranean splendour!

    Mediterranean Victory Voyage
  • An African Adventure on the Chobe River


    In February and March 2013 The Palace Group whisked twenty fortunate VIPs away to Botswana, Africa where they embarked on a three day cruise aboard the stunning Zambezi Queen. The unique houseboat navigated a scenic course along the Chobe River, taking our VIPs on an unforgettable VIP voyage of a lifetime.

    As always our VIPs enjoyed nothing but five star luxury. With engaging on-board activities, wildlife spotting, game drives, traditional African dance performances and so much more to be enjoyed against a backdrop of spectacular views and glorious sunshine, this was truly a once in a lifetime experience of relaxation and indulgence.

    Here at The Palace Group, we’re always in the midst of planning new getaways for our VIP players, so keep playing to be our next VIP to venture to a dream destination.

    An African Adventure on the Chobe River
  • Mystery New Year Bonus


    December saw The Palace Group award a Mystery New Year Bonus to selected VIP players. We sent personalised greeting cards to inform our lucky VIPs of this generous gift and how they could claim it. Mystery amounts were revealed from 17th December, 2012, allowing our players to look forward to a New Year packed with extra earning potential.

    As ever, The Palace Group is keen to show its commitment to players and dedication to making 2013 a spectacular year to be a VIP. We’re always on the lookout for new ways to reward you, so keep an eye on your inbox for upcoming promotions, prizes and excursions exclusive to our valuable VIP players.

    Mystery New Year Bonus
  • Save Santa


    On 1st November, 2012, The Palace Group launched one of its biggest and most extravagant promotions ever: Save Santa. Following the shocking kidnap of Father Christmas, The Palace Group teamed up with Santa’s elves to help distribute generous gifts to those who played with passion in the Save Santa mission.

    Bigger and better prizes were awarded the more a player played, with 8 levels of padlocks to overcome before unlocking Santa and the potential to bag the biggest goodies. With four further levels of dreamy gifts to play for, including €250,000 in cash, a Ferrari, tropical getaways and a selection of luxury designer watches, our players enjoyed our usual standard of gaming excellence along with the thrill of saving Christmas and gaining very merry pressies along the way.

    Trust The Palace Group to make the Holiday Season even more magical than ever!

    Save Santa
  • Oktoberfest


    Guten tag!

    Seven lucky Italian and German VIPs enjoyed a fun-packed trip to Munich to experience the world famous festivities of Oktoberfest – all courtesy of their favourite casino. The players stayed in a luxurious 5 star hotel in the heart of Munich and enjoyed a decadent meal at Alfons Schuhbeck’s exclusive restaurant, Orlando. Their extravagant meal went down a treat, along with the rich history and culture of Munich’s old town.

    There was plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere – and a beer or two – at the Oktoberfest festival site, where VIP hosts Claudia and Sara dressed in the traditional Bavarian Dirndl whilst Constantin looked simply strapping in his Lederhosen. In the true spirit of Oktoberfest, our guests and hosts ate, drank and no doubt raised a glass to The Palace Group in appreciation for their unforgettable getaway.

  • Mediterranean Cruise


    Last September we whisked some of our most valued VIPs away on a luxurious Mediterranean cruise that set sail from the enchanting city of, Athens, and navigated through five of the Mediterranean’s most idyllic and enviable locations. The first port of call was the Greek island of Mykonos, where alluring attractions such as Little Venice, the Delos Archaeological Site and stunning postcard-perfect beaches set the standard for our VIP voyage.

    The following day the ship docked in Katakolon, where the wonders of ancient Olympia, the site of the first ever Olympic Games, could be explored. Our VIPs also visited the stunning island of Corfu and explored the rich history of Split in Croatia before the ship reached its final destination - the floating city of Venice. Often hailed as one of the most romantic locations in the world, Venice offered spectacular views of the Grande Canal, intimate Gondola rides, the exquisite architecture of St Mark’s Basilica and the San Giorgio Church, and so much more.

    We hope our lucky guests enjoyed a magical voyage with us and we look forward to taking more VIPs on fairy-tale vacations in the near future.

    Mediterranean Cruise
  • ¡Say ‘Hola’ to Mexico!


    Last August we treated twenty VIP players to an incredible idyllic escape to an exclusive 5 star resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Our lucky guests enjoyed four blissful days of sunshine, snorkelling and water sports along with lavish banquets and exotic cocktails in some of Playa del Carmen’s most exclusive restaurants and bars.

    Other enviable activities on their itineraries included cooking classes, a visit to the Tulum archaeological site, beach parties and private dining on a secluded, white sandy beach – a taste of pure paradise by anyone’s standards.

    We hope our players enjoyed their Mexican retreat and we look forward to whisking many more VIPs to some of the globe’s most desirable destinations in the coming months. For more information on upcoming promotions, Host visits and future getaways, feel free to contact your VIP Host. They’ll always be happy to fill you in on The Palace Group’s plans to ensure that your VIP experience is nothing short of supreme.

    ¡Say ‘Hola’ to Mexico!
  • Games Odyssey


    To celebrate the 2012 Games right on The Palace Group’s doorstep in London, we launched an exciting Games themed Promotion exclusively for VIPs. Our VIP players received an email containing a Lucky Number before the promotion kicked off on Friday 13th July, 2012. This Lucky Number was their ticket to amazing prizes like a Limited Edition Mini Cooper, a Dell laptop, Burberry Sunglasses, iPads, luxury watches and many more! All our VIPs had to do was go for gold and claim their prize.

    Over the course of the promotion we moved from one Olympic event to another in the VIP Viper lobby. Each time we moved to a new event we displayed a new winning number. If your Lucky Number matched the number displayed, you won a prize. Victory was as easy as that!

    With some very happy VIPs being awarded prizes as coveted as any gold medal, our Games Odyssey promotion was a stunning success! It is just one more in a long line of big VIP events at The Palace Group, keep your eye on the VIP Lobby to see what we’re up to next.

    Games Odyssey
  • Euro 2012


    At The Palace Group, our ultimate goal is to impress and please our VIPs with a service that simply cannot be rivalled. Whether we’re offering you exclusive VIP Promotions, opportunities to increase your play or whisking you away to alluring locations around the world, The Palace Group never stops competing to be the best.

    We recently took a select few VIP players to the Ukraine, the country that played host to Euro 2012. A lucky group of players were accompanied by VIP Hosts Joachim and Chia to Kiev, where Sweden faced France in the first round showdown. Our VIPs had a wonderful time watching the beautiful game. The unbeatable atmosphere of a football match combined with fine dining, relaxation and revelry helped to make this VIP getaway an exceptional experience for all involved.

    When you’re one of our most valued VIPs, you can expect elite treats just like our Euro 2012 expedition. Feel free to call Support at any time to enquire about your VIP status and you could be the next player to strike it lucky and receive our 5 Star VIP treatment.

    In football, goals mean everything and at The Palace Group, the same rule applies. In our on-going endeavour to achieve our goal, you’ll be presented with endless opportunities to score world-class rewards.

    Euro 2012
  • Thailand (Phuket)


    We whisked ten lucky VIPs away to Thailand for a luxurious holiday of a lifetime in March. The players were keen to voice their thanks for this glorious getaway, so we decided to share a few of their comments with you.

    SJ described her time in Phuket as ‘the best trip we will ever have” and JL deemed the experience to be unforgettable. CI was particularly impressed with The Palace Group’s attention to detail, stating: “I can’t think of a single thing which could have been done better. The late starts were relaxing, the activities were well planned, the company was great and the location was fantastic”.

    SA expressed just how much our guests enjoyed each other’s company: “Absolutely decadent surroundings with some of the most amazing people I have met”, making The Palace Group proud to have played host to such a magical experience.

    Big thanks to our VIP guests for their kind comments and don’t forget, the more you play at The Palace Group, the better chance you have of earning an invite on our next VIP getaway. Your play could be your passport to paradise!

    Thailand (Phuket)
  • Bahamas


    Our VIP competition to win a trip to the Bahamas saw eleven lucky winners from across Europe win the chance of a lifetime to visit this tropical oasis. We whisked the lucky players and their guests away to the secluded Atlantis Paradise Island for four days of bliss, relaxation and luxury. Four equally lucky VIP Hosts accompanied our players on this utopian getaway and shared in a once in a life-time experience...

    SA expressed just how much our guests enjoyed each other’s company: “Absolutely decadent surroundings with some of the most amazing people I have met”, making The Palace Group proud to have played host to such a magical experience.

    Our party of vacationers enjoyed lazing on white sandy beaches, snorkelling, swimming with dolphins and a private party on a catamaran. Decadent restaurants and trendy bars set the scene for a truly lavish holiday that has no doubt produced a wealth of fantastic memories. We hope our winners had a wonderful trip and we’re already looking to future VIP getaway competitions to new, exotic locations… Play at The Palace Group to be part of our next extravagant adventure...